6011 Westline Dr

Houston Texas 77036

Phone: 1.713.463.5957

Fax 1.713.463.5958

1. Convenient Location.
- We are located in middle of Energy Corridor to serve businesses and corporates that are involved in Houston’s growing energy industry.

2. Corporate-based Management.
- Cube Rental Car has been specializing in corporate rentals and we are geared towards serving the corporates and businesses for all their rental car needs. Our system is flexible to each corporate’s needs and we follow-up with our clients regularly to ensure not only each driver of the vehicles but the entire company’s needs.

3. Prompt Services.
- Our staffs are always available to service the vehicles immediately as they are needed. We keep our vehicles in top conditions to ensure our drivers’ safety. We understand the last thing the drivers want to deal with is the car maintenance while they are at work. Let us ease your mind with our personal service in a busy corporate world

4. Limo Services.
- We provide 24/7 Airport pick-up/drop-off when you are renting or returning the vehicle at no extra cost (1 month agreement or more is required). Once the agreement has been made, we will provide convenient ways to get you in/out of our vehicles.

5. Flexible delivery & pick-up
- Along with delivering the car to the requested location or picking up the car from requested location, we will come to our clients for any services whether it’s a car wash or an oil change.

6. Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
- Our client satisfaction is our #1 priority and we will respond to our clients’ needs within one business day. Our staff will follow up with any complains until they are fully resolved.

7. Insurance Coverage
- Accidents happen. We have a legal team on standby in case of an accident, and provide insurance coverage higher than the our competitors to provide our corporate clients from overseas and other states an assurance that you will be in good hands when accidents do happen.

8. Convenient Payment Methods
- We provide many different payment methods to choose from. We can charge your company to directly or our clients directly. We can charge the credit card on the road at the location of your choosing or we can setup an automatic payment system and email your invoices to fit your schedule.

9. Cost Effective
- Our rates are competitive compared to other rental car companies considering the vehicles we provide, which have low-miles, well maintained, and timely serviced.

10. Readily Available Customer Service
- Don’t want to be on hold with an answering machine? Our staff will answer your calls in person and follow-up on any of your requests to maintain our personal client to business relationship and to ensure our client’s satisfaction.