6011 Westline Dr

Houston Texas 77036

Phone: 1.713.463.5957

Fax 1.713.463.5958

Q: How do I contact you guys?
A: You can contact us by calling 713.463.5957, 070.4063.5927 or email us at Rental@cuberentalcar.com. KaKao Talk ID is cuberentalcar. Alternatively, you can visit us at our office at 1260 Blalock #130. Houston, TX. 77055. Our website address is www.cuberentalcar.com

Q: I do not know my way around Houston. Do you offer navigation unit rental with the rental vehicle?
A: We offer navigation unit as an option with your rental vehicle. We have also carefully chosen our navigation units offer different language settings and the maps are always updated to the latest map.

Q: What are my options in payment methods?
A: Your convenience is our main focus. Whether you prefer to pay over the phone, e-mail, or in person, we can accommodate your needs to help you with the payment. We can also schedule an appointment to visit your office to accept your payment if that is more convenient for the drivers. As for the payment options, we accept all forms of payment including check, money order, credit card, and cash payment.

Q: Once the rental agreement has been made, how will I receive the rental vehicle?
A: We offer several ways to get you into the vehicle. Whether you want to pick-up from our office or have it delivered to your office or hotel, we take your convenience into our consideration first. We do not have a location for pick-up and drop-off, but we will give you a ride to your destination where your rental vehicle awaits during our business hours.

Q: My rental car needs a car wash. Do you provide car washes and how long will it take?
A: Yes, we do provide a car wash upon request every month. We will pick up the vehicle from your location and spend 1 hour for a car wash that includes the interior and exterior as long as the weather permits it.

Q: How often do you change oil on the vehicles?
A: We take great pride in our vehicles and we make sure our vehicles are in top shape during the rental period. All of our Toyota vehicles come with full synthetic oil that requires an oil change every 10,000miles and all the other vehicles are serviced every 5,000miles.

Q: Am I responsible for any maintenance while riding your rental car?
A: No. Car wash, tire rotation, replacing windshield wipers, refilling fluids, and any other maintenance will be taken care of by our company. We will replace your vehicle that needs service if the service should take longer than 1 hour.

Q: I am from a foreign country and do not have my own insurance. Will I have insurance coverage and how much is the coverage?
A: We provide the best insurance coverage in the industry to put your mind at ease when riding our cars. Our liability coverage will cover up to one million dollars and we are licensed to offer PAI (Personal Accident Insurance) and SLI (Supplementary Liability Insurance) to provide you additional protection if you are involved in an accident. Our coverage is four to ten times more than our competitors because we believe your safety comes first above all else.

Q: How should I respond to an accident and how long will it take to resolve the accident?
A: We have a great legal team ready in case of any accidents. Should you get into an accident while driving our vehicle, give us a call first and our staff will guide you through the process. If we are unable to answer your call, you should call the police immediately and file a report so that our legal team can respond as soon as they become available. In case of an accident, we will replace the rental car immediately or at the next earliest business hour.

Q: What are the factors considered when you purchase vehicles?
A: There are many factors when we consider purchasing vehicles for our fleet. We chose the vehicles based on our extensive experience in car sales and speaking with our customers about what their needs are. We consider the vehicles we have chosen to be our fleet to be the safest, most reliable, and highly fuel efficient. Our vehicles are chosen so that our clients feel safe, comfortable and save money on fuel.

Q: Why is there so much focus on corporate drivers and not public rentals?
A: By focusing on the corporate drivers, we have been able to keep the cars in better shape and with better mileage. Since most of our vehicles are rented out on long-term basis, the vehicles are kept in the best shape.

Q: Why do the rates of your competitors seem lower?
A: Based on our experience with corporate drivers, we feel it is most important to be very clear about any hidden costs. Keeping our customers satisfied by including services to minimize their downtime has been our main focus to save our clients’ money, because we understand saving our client’s time is invaluable to them.